Boyfriend verses Bestfriend? Help me please?

So my boyfriend doesn't help me with bullies at school unless I ask yet my bestfriend he sticks to me like glue and as soon as he finds out about it he goes and protects me. My bestfriend he sticks to me like glue, unlike my boyfriend who states he loves me (we barely talk or text or hang out)! When I have a friend ask my bestfriend why he doesn't like me he says I'm ugly. my boyfriend says he loves me and everything buts never there, my bestfriends makes up excuses to be next to me, we share things and everything! What do I do? Please help me!


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  • What do you need help with? Sounds like neither of these guys are that good for you.

    • Well, I get teased a lot at school and I don't wanna be alone, these boys are both great but I don't think my boy friend likes me and my bestfriend is always there though! I need help on maybe to make my bestfriend like me?

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    • Yeah true, but I don't want it to be ockward between us. we spend all our time together, and i enjoy every minute. i don't want it all to go away.

    • If you're not willing to make the change, things will always be as they are now.

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  • your best friend calls you ugly?
    you boyfriend barely talks, texts or hangs out with you?

    I think you need to re-evaluate both relationships.

  • Well first break up sith your boyfriend he is no good for you. Second your friend probably lied. You should ask your bestfriend out. Nobody sticks to someone unless they love them or the only one they have got.


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  • why can't your best friend be your best friend to do all those things. it doesn't seem to be a great relationship but your best friend seems to be a good guy appreciate him as a best friend. and maybe if you want to take it farther bring it up