Is she still interested/like me, even though she friend zoned me?

Over the course of a month, I went on four or five dates (including prom) with this girl that I like. On our last date, she said that she just wanted to be friends from then on. Granted, it would not have worked out either way, due to the fact that that was the last time we would actually have a chance to see each other for another 4-6 months. She said that she likes me a lot, and thinks Im a great guy, and that any girl would be lucky to have me. She also said that "there is hope for the future". Not totally sure if she is just trying to make herself feel better by saying that though.


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  • You said it yourself: it would not have worked out since you wouldn't actually be seeing each other. It sounds like she likes you but doesn't want to engage in any complicated long distance thing.

    She wouldn't have said "theres hope for the future" if there wasn't... if she was just trying to be nice she would have said something else about you being a great guy and she likes you a lot just not like that.

    • So what should I do now?

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    • so should i just be friends with her?

    • yes, i think that's best

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  • I feel like she's just a really sweet girl trying not to hurt your feelings. To be blunt, you should probably just move on. You guys just didn't work out. But that's totally ok. There's 7 billion people in the world so you're destined to find the right girl for you.

  • I don't know what she thinks. She could be interested in a relationship with you but she could not.
    I was best friend with a guy months ago and he told me that I just friend-zoned him. I never was interested in a relationship with him even though we kissed few times and guess what, right now I wish to be in a relationship with him..
    Maybe she doesn't realise that she likes you or she's confused. Let her some time and then ask her about it again.


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  • She's not planning to wait for you.

    I wouldn't suggest you wait for her.