Why do double standards exist?

Double standards are so gay man. Both for men and for women.

Like why is it frowned upon for a woman to sleep around but a man is thought to be some hero for doing so?

Why is it socially acceptable for women to upgrade to a better boyfriend when a "better" man comes along but men are accused of cheating for doing so?

Why are women judged for being shallow more so than women?

As you can see, I gave TWO examples for when women are disadvantaged by double standards and ONE for men to show that I honestly think double standards suck just in general, not just for men, even though I am a guy.



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  • Because of gender roles we place different expectations on men and women, so when they don't reach those expectations we judge them. I agree, that the double standards should just go away. A cheater is a cheater, no matter what the gender. But they're only going to change if we start to make the change. Men need to realize that a girl doesn't get "saggy" after having a lot of sex. Women need to realize that men can be shy too and afraid of making the first move.
    You've already made the first step by acknowledging these double standards exist for both genders :)

    P. S. as others have pointed out you shouldn't use "gay" to mean "stupid" or "bad." It's not cool.


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  • 1) What about free ladies night at bars and clubs?
    2) Ladies drink for free?
    3) Women can marry for money, but when a guy does he's a bum
    4) Women can choose to be stay at home mothers, but if a man decides to be a stay at home dad he's a bum or a deadbeat living off the mother.
    5) Black, Asian, Hispanics etc are allowed to be racist, but when when whites are their considered evil.
    6) Women can pick and choose tall, good looking rich guys, but guys are taught to live with what life gives them.
    7) A whole store for women's Underwear aka Victoria Secret while guys get theirs in bags at stores like Walmart.
    8) Courts are more sympathetic towards women like mothers over fathers
    9) Men work in more dangerous jobs while women don't
    10) The media makes men look like idiots, buffoons, morons etc while the women are usually the smarter ones.

    These are just some double standards I can think of you may or may not agree lol.


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  • I get you but I feel like "gay" wasn't the right word you were looking for.


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  • Using gay in a negative term is just as much of a double standard. You wouldn't use straight to describe something negative.


  • Being ethical while using the term "gay" in a demeaning way isn't any less congruent!

  • yeah there is a lot of double standards in dating , its something you come to accept after a while , even if you don't like them its hard to do anything about them. dating in general is not fair and does not follow a lot of normal rules.

    • Is there a reason for this?

    • I don't know dating is just one of those things , people sort of feel the need to make it more difficult for some or more interesting/more drama. we try to make things more fair in our everyday lives but dating remains one area that is very unfair to some