So its been 3 weeks going on four starting today since our last date , how to get a 3rd?

how do i know if she's really just busy or she just doesn't want to go on a 3rd date with me... its been about 3 weeks since out last date and it we did kiss. How often is to often to keep asking for a 3rd date? I mean she says shed like to but I don't know this is what she said "Im like really interested but im like really , but ill see though " . What does that mean? and she does text me back whenever we do text though


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  • I would back off and let her come to you. Go out with someone else. When I'm interested in a guy I try to see him and I won't be so cryptic if I'm busy. I would at least say I may have time on this day or this weekend or whatever.

    • so basically you think she's tired of talking to me?

    • we text daily at times or over a period of 1-3 days

    • I don't know that she's tired of talking to you but I would just chill. Maybe you could text her every few days or go no contact and see if she reaches out to you. But I would be exploring other options at this point.

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