What does this reply text mean?

was having a chat via text with the guy i like about tinder. his last reply took a good 5 minutes after continuous texting,

him: "Have to be in it to win it lol? What about that one guy who is probably awesome and can't catch a break! What about him!"

me: "He needs to make face-to-face effort in an obvious way. Tinder is too modern for something decent to develop"

him: His last reply " lol so he needs to do everything. Haha all you need is a connection. you can build off that lol?

what does he mean especially with last part of last text?

my Reply was " Not Really. Im just vey ignorant at reading levels of interest and tinder is even harder to read if they are generally interested or just want sex"
i guess my question is here do you guys think he is interested in me, based on those texts? i feel he was quizzing me subtly


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  • You should just ask him what he meant, if you're unclear about something. It's usually just easier to ask right then and there what someone means when you don't understand what they've written. And without a little more context or prior messages it's sort of hard to tell what's going on here, or what we're supposed to interpret from this.

    My guess is he's probably just trying to figure out your stance when it comes to flirting and starting a relationship with guys, since you seem more traditional and not too keen on tinder. Guys are willing to make moves but many are also open to girls initiating things.
    His last reply makes me think that he's sensing that based on what you've told him you want the guy to do all the work when it comes to approaching and such, though he may not agree with that.

    • He has asked this once before in different words ( in person) and i said the same answer (traditional). I guess what i was really asking is peoples opinion if he likes me or not. Do you think he was quizzing me for information to help himself or vague general interests on topic.

    • Yeah that's just it, I think there's a possibility he likes you and he was trying to subtly get a grasp on your opinion in all this, how you like to be approached and such.

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  • you shouldn't have to wonder... ask him point blank... no codes to break no confusion or games.
    If he is genuinely interested he will not mind waiting... if not he can get it somewhere else.

    Either way you will know and not waste time and invest emotions into a one sided relationship.


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