My mom keeps telling me that I need to find a good Christian girl?

I'm sorry but as much as I want to find a great girl I don't want to find a good Christian girl.

I grew up as a Christian and i will always have that background. I will always believe in God but I don't want a good Christian girl.

I don't think I am going to go to hell for a girl who might be a little down to earth.

No J don't want an athirst girl or an agnostic girl.

No , I do t want a promiscuous girl either

I just want a girl who loves me for me and J want a girl who understands and we can respect each other.

I want a girl who can know what I am talking about right now.

What my mom or someone similar calls a good Christian girl is not really a good Christian girl.

It's usually a judge mental girl who doesn't understand.

If I can find a girl who can believe in God but doesn't think going to church every Sunday makes her superior to everyone else.

You know what I mean?

I just want a girl who is quite alright, if that exists!


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  • Dude, you walk the path of life and pick up the flower that catches your eye. Your mom isn't going to be the one in the relationship. You are. Go find that girl, there are a lot of them out there.


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  • There are many out there that suits your girl-to-be when it comes to beliefs.
    But I will give you reasons why your mom loves that his son would be dating a Christian girl:
    1. Moral Values
    I believe your mom is a Christian, (of course she is) and I believe that your mom believes that every Christian girl, there is what you call 'fear in/to God' philosophy.
    2. Whenever you have a Christian life, it will carry mostly to your future daughters and sons.
    3. The belief of 'Your life will be in accordance to God's guidance'.
    4. Family peace. :D

    • Thanks for sharing your theory of her perspective :)

    • :D Yea. No problem. I am a Christian and I heard my friend's parents (especially thos girl friends that I have) are like that too.

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