Is The Guys Supposed To Text First?

If A Girl Doesn't Text You First What Does It Mean Like This Girl I Met Messaged Me First The Day After I Met Her But Since Then I Always Started The Conversation What Does This Mean? Is It A Bad Thing. So I Guess My Question Is Girls Do You Think The Guy Supposed To Text First Or Is Does The Girl Text First

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  • If you are always the One to initiate the messages, she is Not Into you as much as I would think or either that---Not much Into texting.
    And right after you 'Met,' it doesn't really matter who texts First as far as I am concerned... It's more important if you both can keep the lines of communication open...
    Good luck. xx

    • That's true but I'm a boring texter and she would keep the conversations going and she replies quick like within 2-3 mins and that's faster then my own family

    • Okay, I understand.. I thought that being you 'started all the Convo', but if she is replaying quick as a whip, great.. Yes, I know Many of today's toms are not so quick or so good to text... xx

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What Girls Said 4

  • Some girls expect the guy to text first. I've never understood why, I guess girls have gotten used to guys making the first move in other areas and so they sit back and wait when it comes to texting, too. But it shouldn't be up to one gender to always initiate.

    If you guys have conversations just fine, and it's only a matter of getting one started, just let her know that you'd like it if she'd text you when she feels like talking.

  • God, the typing drove me crazy maybe that's why she isn't texting you first. Some girls expect guys to text first but honestly I think it should be pretty even between the two. If she never contacts you she's probably not too interested or you might be contacting her too much. You could try waiting to see if she texts you or just tell her if she wants to talk to contact you, but yeah give her space, don't contact her all the time and Stop With This Sort Of Typing.

  • You don't always have to text first. It would be nice if the both of you start the conversation in different occasions, which will also show the mutual interest you two have. Also, Stop Talking Like This. It's a turn off to some girls. Or a lot of them.

  • nonono! I prefer texting first. I don´t know why but I guess I like the feeling of it.. "I´m brave and Confident enough to actually text someone I find interesting.." I feel strong and happy with myself.. A guy texting me first feels uncomfortable hehehe.. like "wtf do you want perv?" lol..
    I like the feeling but I almost never find someone that interesting that I actually want to text him.. heheh :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Typically speaking, guys are meant to initiate conversation with girls, but I personally like it when girls text me first, but that's rare :L

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