Older girl with a younger guy?

I'm 20 and he is 17 almost 18. I'm okay with dating a younger guy, though sometimes I feel like I'm hiding him because I'm ashamed of being with him. I feel like people look at me like I'm desperate.

The main problem for me is that I'm very clearly dominant. I decide everything, I always take the led, etc.. I want to feel like a woman, but with him I do not.

My question is, should I ignore this feeling or leave him before I hurt him?


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  • He is only 17, he is still a kid. People grow and mature exponentially between 17-20. Do you remember when you were 17? I know I was two completely different people between those two different ages. Since you are older and more experienced in life you naturally have that role right now with being the leader and decision maker. If you want a man to take the lead, either wait for him to grow/mature, or date someone older than you.

  • That feeling of being dominant isn't going to go away, it'll only get bigger.


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