Should I carry on seeing my girl or finish it?

I've been seeing my girl for a month now about 2 weeks in she told me she wasn't sure if she wanted a relationship but wanted to carry on seeing me, and things might change, but she would understand if I didn't want too I said I was alright with giving it time, but it's starting to get to me now as Im really falling for her and knowing it may be going no where is starting to get me down. She gives absolutely nothing away so I'm really unsure as to where it's going so should I tell her how I feel and that I can't carry on seeing her with out knowing how this is going to end up or just carry on as we are

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  • It's only been a month. I think you are falling too hard too quick for her as is. I would calm down, take a breath, and just carry on. I think it is too soon to start telling her you have major feelings. I think she would probably back away from you. She told you from the get go she wasn't sure. I would say a month really isn't long enough to fully gauge someone.


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  • You're already calling her 'my girl', so I think you would probably regret it anyway if you ended things right here.
    Be true to yourself and honest with her, but don't throw yourself head first. Take it easy.

  • You'll never know if you don't try ;). I say continue on but proceed with caution.


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