Guys? What actions make you think a girl is into you? Does that differ if the girl in question is a good friend of yours?

The title says it all.

e. g she texts a lot

or for a friend her texts change

she asks me about relationships etc. blah blah


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  • if a girl was interested in me she'll be sweet around me, contacting me a lot (texting, calling etc), hanging around me a lot, constantly smiling at me, being touchy feely, hugging constantly, looking me deep in my eyes and have that look like she's in love, or she just tells me her feelings straight out and tells me she wants to be together as bf/gf etc, she might ask me what im looking for in a girlfriend etc. but yes its different if she's just a friend cause she won't show affection she'll just hang out not so often and not show any affection like i stated above


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  • I have a woman friend who I have been friends with for around three years and I think she likes me. The reasons I think she likes me is she gives me a massive smile, she flirts with me, she always touches me, she always tells me she misses me, she has told me she liked me before but had a boyfriend so I never paid any attention to what she was saying and most recently she was linked with a guy and she told me she didn't want him and it looks like she'll have to put up with me. All of her actions and her words have made me think she's interested in me.

    I don't know for certain that she does like me and if I make a move and I'm knocked back, I'll ruin the friendship.

    • Tell her

    • I don't want to risk the friendship, especially if she doesn't feel the same way.

    • To answer your question, I'd say asking me about my relationship status would indicate that a woman was interested in me or a friend of hers is.

  • texting a lot would probably get me thinking she's into me - especially if the conversations ever became personal. the other two not so much.

    • interesting :). what would you say a guy does in this situation e. g does he text more, ask more questions, ask you about your relationship status and how would that differ in a friend context?

    • depends on the guy. If I was into her, i would want to meet more in person.

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