Why doesn't he talk to me first?

There is a guy that is interested in me. We went on a date yesterday, he hold my hands and kissed me.. But he doesn't come to talk to me first on fb, i mean it's always me who come to him first … why?


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  • I never friend/communicate with a girl I like on Facebook, because it's for friends, and most guys hate to go anywhere near friendship with a girl if they are attracted to her. So I would say ignore this- it might be a good sign.


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  • Maybe he's testing you to see if you are as interested in him as he's interested in you.

    • maybe, but i'm always the one who start first

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    • How strange! if I had been holding hands and kissing a girl the day before you can bet I'd want to talk her the day after.

    • yeah i agree…

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