How to initiate closer physical contact at the end of the date?

So I've been on about 4 dates with this guy and on the first date we had dinner and he asked me out again at the end of the date but there was no touching. At the end of the rest of the dates, there has been a hug with a lot of patting. I've heard that the pat is a sign of lack of interest, so I asked his best friend if he was indeed into me, to which she replied YES and suggested that I make it clear I want to go on a date not just a "hang out", because he can be a bit socially awkward.

On all our dates I've had an amazing time and it's clear he has as well, but at the end of the date we are standing by my car and and obviously lingering when finally he leans in for the hug. How can I let him know it would be ok to do more than that? How can I know if he wants to? Isn't the male mind a sort of one track thing in these situations?



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  • He is just a shy awkward guy right now. The 'pattiing on the back' in this situation is NOT to indicate a lack of interest at all it's just all he can think of to do to extend the physical contact at this time. He is really quite shy for sure. Maybe after your next date when you hug goodnight just sneak in a quick kiss on the cheek as you leave. That will have him thinking more for sure. Then then next date look at his lips for a full second first then kiss him on the cheek and give him a long look before saying goodnight. He'll probably start to lean in and if you see this you need to match his move right away to keep him calm and **poof** you will be kissing. I hope this helps and good luck! :D

  • Make the first move. You said it yourself that he can be socially awkward so instead of waiting for him, initiate it yourself


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