Does age really matter for a relationship?

I am currently friends with this italian guy i met and he's 24 years old while I'm 15. He wants to be more than friends and he tells me all the time but I feel like when we go out people will notice and the age difference is a barrier. He says age is just a number, I like him but I don't know what tell him.


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  • In your case it does since you are a minor under 18 and he is an adult and you cannot legally consent to a relationship with him.

    Age is just a number he says?

    Jail is just a room.

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    • ... and even if she does like but took him to court for some reason, she'd win because not only is she a minor, but she's also a girl. The guy, in this case, is an idiot

    • We are not gonna date but why does the girl have an advantage in court?

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  • No. But I wouldn't break the age barrier of 18. if he was 18 and you 14 I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it, or even if he was 19. but break the 20 barrier? Big nono. Jail is also a big factor here.

    Personally, I dislike guys that go for this kind of an age gap and iv'e had a ton (okay 4) friends that have gone out with 20+ year olds. It has NEVER ended well. I implore you not to and to tell him your just friends and that you want to keep it that way.

  • Yes, it really matters. HE's too old for you.

  • Meh. Wait until you're 16 to smash. You can still be friends.


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  • Does age really matter for a relationship?
    I find age really matters for the gal as it seems most guys highly value youth and the ideal age is as young as legally possible. In your scenario age doesn't really seem to matter unless sex comes into play then it's suitable to wait for your environment's age of consent.

    "He says age is just a number, I like him but I don't know what tell him."
    If the age difference is too much of a barrier for you then you can tell him that you prefer guys your own age which he could understand seeing as he seems to prefer gals your age.

  • In the legal sense, it does.