Is this a guy way of saying "you a hoe" to him?

Well I'm on Facebook and we just got back together 2 weeks ago because we were only broken up for 2 weeks. I'm deployed and I'm getting a full list of friend requests from his friends all of a sudden. I mean every last one of his friends are trying to add me. We in a relationship on Facebook but he hid it on his page so it only show publicly on mines. He has. 3 pages but he say his first original page was hacked before he made this current new page. It turns out he's flirting with girls on that page. he still have me blocked on all 3. What reason could it be for all his friends to add me a year later? everyday I get on Facebook it's a friend request from his friend.


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  • Tbh, the friends harassing you just sounds like a planned prank between them all.

    I'm more concerned with him having 3 facebooks, blocking you, and flirting with other girls. Unacceptable.

    • Um no all of his friends are trying to add me after a year of being together and the drama. His friends don't even talk to me

    • Right, which is why I feel like they all got together and thought it'd be funny to add you all simultaneously, not because of anything about you in particular, just to see if you'd accept them.

    • Lol um no I thought I explained it clearer. I guess I didn't. he even hid the relationship status off his page and he flirts with other women I don't know what to think anymore