Is it true that if a guy is interested in you and wants to see you again, he will make it happen ASAP?

I broke up with my boyfriend about a year ago now and I have been happier without him, I know that. But no matter how much I try putting myself out there, go out with my girlfriends, etc., I still haven't met someone that I like and am attracted to who likes me back and pursues me. The guys that have been interested in me, I have not been interested in. I keep comparing how I felt when I first started dating my ex to how I feel whenever I meet or date someone now. Looking back on my past relationships I have realized that they pursued me and showed interest in me from the beginning.

I met someone I really liked last week and he said he wants to see me again, and I gave him the opportunity to but he turned it down to go bar-hopping with his friends. I am pretty sure that he's not interested, but I keep hoping that he is.

So for the question: Is it true that if a guy is interested in you and wants to see you again, he will make it happen ASAP?

And two other questions based off of the backstory: Am I still not over my past relationship? And can guys that I find attractive sense that?


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  • its usually the case it will happen ASAP but not always. you can count on it though but you just might've met that one guy that won't prioritize you before all of his other responsibilities.

    for the second part, it depends how you react to their actions.

    • I mean he's from Europe and I thought European men were more straightforward and make things happen than American guys. I'm afraid he only asked for my number so he can booty call me.

      What do you mean how I react to their actions?

    • well like okay if they treated you in a similar way that your ex used to treat you and you gave them the same emotional/physical response with enthusiasm and it just didn't seem normal or right or felt really weird then it raises suspicion almost immediately. and they wonder why you reacted in such a way that you did towards what they just did.

  • or you could say to a guy you like wanna go for coffee sometime? Doesn't have to be cofee but you get the idea! A guy will usually ask you out if he wants to see you but try what I suggested.


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