She's uncomfortable with me having feelings for her, but she likes me? stay single for awhile?

Long story short:
-Met a girl online, we hit it off great. she really likes me. a little later into our "relationship" she starts to act irrational and she causes a lot of drama out of little stuff
-She admits to me she has severe depression and an alcohol problem, hence her random outbursts of anger. she IS getting help right now
-She likes me (gets mad when i do stuff that a single guy CAN do, and refer to point below) but wants to stay single for now due to her problems
-She doesn't reject me/ignores me/goes off topic whenever i text her "etcetc if you want me to move on, tell me etcetc"

-She says i make her uncomfortable/feel awkward with my feelings for her

I dont get why tho? I recall asking her why once, and she said "Because im not trying to develop feelings for anyone right now". I dont get the logic in that. If she's sick and getting help, why can't she also have a bf too?

Can anyone explain whats going on in her head and what do i do? whenever i ask her how she feels about us dating, she always says "idk" as well. i asked her "are you just hesitent to say a simple no?" and she assures me she's not

Another thing:
in the past she told me she wants to be "friends for now" but now she says "single for awhile". is that something to be concerned about? or not really?

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  • Give her time, probably her drinking problem and depression are affecting her feelings, she is probably really self concious aswell. I suggest you assure her and tell her you'll be there for her. Your feelings for her might be making her uncomfortble because she might be getting feelings for you and is not really accostumed to that feeling. i dont really thing the "friends for now" is really important. One thing for sure she is not putting u into the friendzone, and if she likes ya maybe she is seeing what you will do, wait or leave? be there for her or not. Give her time, hope i helped :)

    • in the past she told me she wants to be "friends for now" but now she says "single for awhile". is that something to be concerned about? or not really?

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    • Do you understand the difference in wording? she went from "Friends for now" (aka WE are friends FOR NOW) to "single for awhile" aka she's only talking about herself

      thats why im a bit worried lol. and again, when i asked WHY she's uncomfortable, she said "she doesn't want to develop feelings for anyone right now" which i also dont understand why

    • sry for my late reply i had to get a new laptop cause my old one died. anyways it can be she is scared to develop feelings. maybe something in the past happened. its different for every person.

  • I say give her some time. With the depression and drinking she's probably having a ruff time and getting a boyfriend will add to the stress. Trust me, I went through the exact same problem in high school, my boyfriend broke up with me and I started heavy drinking and I got really deperessed but two guys liked me and I liked them back, but I wasn't stable enough. So give her some time, you seem like a cool guy, she'll come around!

    • Thank you. so two questions:
      1: how much time should i give her exactly? or expect to wait?
      2: i'm sorry you went through all that, but im curious and want to ask you... why can't you date a guy while you're having problems? Right now i'm very supportive and am always there when she needs to talk or cry (typical friendzone stuff, but what else can i do?), but i dont get why she can't date me AND get help too? She says she's not stable enough for a relationship... but if it doesn't bother me then why does she care?

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    • hello?

    • hello? you there?

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