Should I move on or give it another try?

I tried online dating a while back. And from their I meet this really, really amazing gal. She was by far the best girl I'd ever dated. She was 19 but very mature for her age. We started dating after we meet and she would drive about an hour's drive on a few occasions just to meet up with me and hang out. Although she told me she wasn't interested in a relationship we would flirt a lot. Most of our dates consisted of going out to eat and from their we would take and get to know each other a lot more. I was in the friend zone but she did show interest in me, although their were a lot more guys she was talking to at the time I was always the main guy for her to go out with or hang out. Soon after I finally met her mom and she instantly liked me. Her mom was sweet and kind and things started to progress. I would stay at her place even till 3:00 a. m. talking. On my B-Day she introduce me to her friend and we went to the fair and she was ok with holding my hands the whole time except when she saw a guy that knew her that worked their. Once it was over she asked me to go to the club with her next. So I told her if she wanted to go and she said no all of a sudden. I felt mad b/c I thought she went with another guy and needless to say this was when I was less experienced she took it as me being t attached and clingy and ended it from their. She said she didn't see us being together. But it seemed like she tried to give me a chance again b/c we did have something at least. Needless to say it failed and things went very down hill after that. She also still was in love with her ex at the time maybe still is. She pushed me away so I haven't talked to her since the last message was her asking if I was ok and I ignored her haven't spoken to her in over half a year. I KNOW she liked me to an extent and Im more experienced/better now should I try again or should I simply move on even though I truly like this girl and don't see myself with anyone else? =/


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  • I say, what's to loose? Go for it!
    If she doesn't wanna give it a try, so be it.
    It may work out, or it may not.
    And I know it's strange to move on from someone you loved, but my 1st boyfriend started dating me at 11 and at 17 he died from a car crash.
    It was devastating, and was crazy, it truly shook my world. We were engaged for the year to come when we graduated, but after this, I was devastated. But I met an amazing guy 1 year after and gave it a try.
    It's been 5 years I've been with him and were getting married next spring. So just remeber, if things don't work out, it's gonna be hard to move on, but once you do it will be totally worth it.
    Hope it does work for ya tho,
    Plus I hope this answered your question :)


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  • If I was you I would of moved on. Half a year is a long time of no contact. But if you really like her go for it. You have nothing to lose. Just keep in mind she may have moved on already. Just call her or send her a text.

    • Were still friends in Facebook and she isn't seeing anyone as in bf/gf just dating. And Im also 100% sure she would respond. I guess my question would then be more in regards of me having a chance. Should I just give up and avoid a heart break even though I might have a better chance now and the fact that I really do like this girl. Its not even her being pretty its her amazing personality that I fell hard for. >.<

    • Love is all about taking risks. Take it.

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