Why won't he ask me out? (please help)

I have been dating this guy for awhile! we use be friends until we drifted apart but after a year started talking again and this time starting dating! we have been getting along great! all my family love him and i have met his family! he is so sweet and nice and makes me laugh all the time but at the same time very cheeky! he says all the cute things like he wishes he was with me to cuddle and how he can't wait to see me again, we haven't had sex yet either! when he came around last night i went to make a drink and left him alone with my mum! when i got back everything was normal! when he left my mum told me he had told that i had helped get out depression (i have no idea if i did or not) and she asked him when he is going to ask me out and he old her soon! she also told him that i was waiting for him to me out! but i don't understand why he hasn't ask me out yet? my mum thinks its because he is waiting for the right moment but i don't know he is a hopeless romantic but he's straight forward!


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  • Guys making the first move is society/social bs. He could be a bit shy, so if you wait too long he might never ask, and then you'll never know, i've had this problem, just ask him :)


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  • he might not have asked u out yet because he is worried that u two will drift apart again. if u make it clear that u won't he will ask u out.