Age 20 and men simply don't like me...

Well, I'm 20 and I have never been kissed, never been out on a real date and well obviously never had a boyfriend. This depresses me I feel like there is something wrong with me,like boys just don't like me. The only guys that ask me out I feel like they are only after one thing. I don't even have that many friends so that says something is definitely wrong with me and this makes me very depressed and lonely. What do you all think?


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  • Twenty year old boys are after only one thing. And that's because they feel they are too young to settle down and take anything serious.

    It sounds like you take things literal and are more focused on being serious than anyone in your age group. This is a good thing, because while people you know are going to have to learn may things the hard way, there is going to be a lot of experiences that you will be able to avoid because you can see what the outcome will before they happen.

    Don't stress it, what you are looking for will happen, but it will take more time to occur. And the truth is, most of the people you see that are in relationships, are in one's that won't last and they will most likely regret them while looking back.

    You second issue raised, regarding your lack of friends. This is probably for the same reason that you're not finding worthwhile partners. People in your age range are fickle, and are not taking anything seriously, meanwhile you are and that makes you stand out to them, and it scares them because they realize that you know something they don't and they know they should be getting more serious, but they want to deny the inevitable. That being, they are going to be all grown up soon and have to do stuff on their own.

    Don't worry about this, you're leading the pack and you're doing the right thing for you. Those people have growing up to do, and they will figure that out.

    You can try being more sociable with these people, but I don't recommend it. It would be a big waste of your time. Go into the world, and experience it for yourself without putting others agenda's ahead of yours.

    Your life is about your life, and no one else's.


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  • There is nothing wrong with you, you just haven't met someone yet to be in the situation to go on a date with or go out with. This is much better than having bad friends or a break up at this point, and you are free to dream, plan ahead, do what you really love to do in life. if you look at it that way it's very positive.

    It's not about having a lot of friends either to start with, no one can start life with lots of friends. The key is you need to go out and meet people. Find something you are passionate about and persue it. If you study you can make friends whilst studying, if you join an evening club you can also meet people there. Meeting people through your interests is very effective as then you have something in common, you're on the same 'wavelength.'

    There's even people online you can speak to and hundreds of other places. You mainly will meet people through where you go and what you do in life, but by far it does not mean there's something wrong with you :-) of course not. The more action you take, the bigger the effect and the bigger the result. You want to meet more people, so go out there and show them you are a person that can make friends, and you will have them.

    You're still young and have a lot of people to meet in your life and to look ahead towards a future that only you can create. Make a positive future and keep thinking positive.

    All the best.


    • =) thanks a lot..

    • You're welcome :-) keep up your spirit, you have everything to be happy and free about right now, the world is so exciting and so much is left to experience for you. x

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