He told me he liked me but we haven't talked that much over the summer.

7 months ago I started hanging out with a new group of friends and I met this guy whom I didn't like at first (because I had a boyfriend at the time) but after awhile, found that my feelings for this guy I met had began to grow. For the first 5 months he would always make fun of me and would try to get me to chase him, which, I thought was flirting, so, that's pretty much what we did (kind of kindergarten-ish I know, but bare with me here). So, finally one day I got his number and we would text occasionally but mostly talk at school. And everyday when we would walk together after school before splitting up he would ask me for a hug and that's how we give our good-byes. Then,at the beginning of last month, we were talking through texts and he told me he missed me and I told him I liked him and then he said he liked me too. Later that month, I had a party and he was always around me at the party and stayed the whole time. Also at that party we took a walk and while on the walk I asked him if he still liked me and he said yes and I asked him if he wanted to kiss later and he said yes to that too. but, when we got back to my house he just jumped in the pool and left really quickly without hugging me. And now we talk on MySpace sometimes (RARELY) but every time I send him a message, he just reads it and answers like a week later. He claims he's busy sometimes but I feel like he's avoiding me. also, I called him a week ago and he hasn't called back.

If it effects it any, I am 17 and he is 15.

has he lost interest in me? Is it possible to lose interest in a girl if you don't see her enough? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

He started talking to me again and it's all good ;). everything's going well now.


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  • It sounds like he lost interest or wasn't feeling it as much as you did. He's also young so he couldve been nervous about kissing you at your party. But it sounds like he just isn't that into you. You were the one to initiate things like saying you like him and telling him that you want to kiss him. So to me it sounds like he just wasn't feeling it as much and didn't want to hurt your feelings. Its summer though so I think you should just let it be and look for new guys. Don't approach him, wait til he approaches you first.

    • Well, I only told him I liked him after he told me he missed me and wished he was with me.....and at the party he was following me the whole time and asking me to come hang with him.... but still. maybe your right.

  • It sounds like he feels akward and is feeling unsure of how he feels and what he wants. You are both extremly young and guys of his age really do not know what they want in a girl and change their minds all of the time.

    The best thing that you can do is just enjoy being young free and singe, go out and have fun with your friends and keep your self busy. There is plenty of time for guys when you are older.