Dating a girl in her mid 20's with a child?

I met a girl at a wedding a month ago and we hit it off. A week later I took her out on a date for drinks. The date went well and we continue to talk every day. Two weeks later while texting I asked her what she was doing the following weekend and asked her on a second date. This is the text I recieved. "We'll lets take this one day at a time my schedule changes daily, I'm very conservative of my daughter and the people who are allowed around her I just wanna go with the flow, I don't know what I'm looking for yet, if it's right I'd be totally down but it's gonna take some time and patience, I run easily"
I told her I completely understand and there is no need to rush I have plenty of time I'm not going any where especially since you have a child that just tells me your a good mother because there are a lot of single parents these days that will just pawn off their child to go out and get drunk...
She followed by saying... Thanks that means a lot

So my question is how do I handle a situation like this because I'm afraid if I give her too much time she will lose interest and If I push too much I'll lose her and that's the last thing I wanna do.


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  • It takes a very special person to get Involved with someone with 'baggage,' as I call it... Or to be More polite 'Their children.' They make their children their whole life, sacrifice everything, and even if you get to the point of your relationship where it looks like wedding bells, you are not only marrying your sweetheart but their---sweethearts as well.
    If you plan on pursuing this any further, do some soul searching. And no, don't push her or pressure her. She has given you a sign what she's looking for and Not looking for and It included: "My daughter and the people who are allowed around her," "I just wanna go with the flow, " And------"I don't know what I'm looking for yet..." "I run easily..."
    Those are her excuses for not getting into anything heavy right now. She's being cautious with anyone who she gets mixed up with, due to her daughter.
    It's your choice, your call. But if you plan on going in, go slow. Start out as her friend. Feel it out.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yaughter and the people who are allowed around her" deal... My sister took on this with her own husband, and there were problems... But with effort, can be worked out if two parties really give it their all. xxs, they can... but there are problems because it is The Other half's children, and they don't awwlways make their mate first... From what I am reading, she is lookinjg out for her child,

    • I actually have a heart of gold, just know about these matters firast hand... If it is Not your child, then the mother or father always thinks they casn have the say over them when you would be this family, and sometimes things in general are a problem... Anyone with a heart of gold for this kind of relationship, is in it for the long haul toi even get situated and In their lives (Both mom or dad and kids).

  • I know you like her but if she loses interest then maybe it wasn't meant to be but she has a child and I guess she just needs a little time cause introducing a new man to your child can be a little challenging cause kids don't really cope well with that sort of thing. But don't push it but also don't become distant cause then she'll think you're losing interest and we don't want that!

    • Thanks, That's exactly what I've been trying to do

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