Please honest opinions guys especially. Is he a player/cheater. What should I do?

Im no good at dating. AT ALL Im terrible at finding good men. I thought I was seeing a decent guy but Im growing suspicious. I mean we are ONLY dating and have not had sex. (I won't without commitment) but after two weeks he told me he couldn't make a relationship a priority right now.
We still hang out and talk almost every day. If I text him he replies right away. He's also been very kind

HOWEVER, I notice on FB he likes a lot of hit girls pics and comments on their posts. More then anything else he comments on. I don't know where he is every night at all and he does have a lot of female "friends"

Tonight a girl commented on his post "i wish i could kiss your brain" wwwww

Please help Maybe I know the answer but I need a push

PS I am attractive and smart, so I don't feel that Im not good enough I just don't know if he is.

Ok its cool thanks guys


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  • No, he's not a player.

    You know the saying, if you meet one asshole in the day, you met an asshole? But if you meet assholes ALL day, then YOU'RE the asshole?

    It's like that in relationships. Your mistrust, your baggage, your suspicions, are what make you bad at dating. Not the men you choose. This guy sounds like a regular normal guy, but you're not sleeping with him, so he sees no need to prioritise you or your friendship/pseudo-relationship.

    That doesn't make him a player.

    • I meant, is he sleeping around,

    • No, he isn't.

    • Thank You. I guess maybe he's just lost interest in me then bc he doesn't reach out like he once did. I feel like I do all the work and he just responds but we don't even have plans to see each other at this point.

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  • I don't think he's a player if he's been up front. He's not ready for a relationship, so if you feel you are going to become too emotionally involved with someone who is not emotionally available then I would just keep it platonic.

    • Ok I can rephrase... Is he sleeping around?

    • I'm sure he is getting something from somewhere. That's why he said he's not ready for a relationship. My opinion is based on a friend of mine, but as we know not all men are the same.

  • Well not necessarily a player but the fact that he can't make a relationship na priority means you likely won't be more than his fuck buddy.