Anyone else losing fate/lost fate in finding love?

I feel emotionless
I don't know what I want in love anymore
I don't even know who I am
I've turned from obsessed with a relationship/marriage idea to just having commitment issues.
I'm looking for a guy that will just turn my life around for the better.
They all leave, one way or the other.
I've come into conclusion that is best I become cold.
Never have expectations/illusions on someone.
Be little them.
Anything so I can just hate them, instead of falling for someone then get hurt as they go.
I've always had bad luck in relationships.
Never one relationship I'm proud of or ended in good terms.
I'm starting to think love isn't meant for me.
Anyone else?


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  • Stop looking, and you're more likely to have good luck... be patient... if meeting someone to love were that easy, we wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much. And I understand your plight completely, I'm there (haven't gotten beyond a 2nd date in about two and a half years) but you know what? It's okay... I know I'm a cool person and I know there are tons of cool girls out there. Hang in there, never give up but while you are waiting, make your life awesome and don't let one minute go wasted just because you are single. When you are happy with who you are and your life in general, is when you are truly ready to be a good partner to someone else and share your wonderful life.


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  • A lot of younger women go for the wrong types of guys, thinking they will make them happy but they turn out to be idiots. This sounds like exactly what you have explained. A confident, popular good looking guy could easily turn out to be a complete dick or a player. There is clearly a pattern in in that you are choosing people you aren't compatable with. If you were you wouldn't repeatedly find yourself single.


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  • I haven't lost faith. But I am beginning to realize there are less and less genuinely good people out there. Not just guys, but actual good people. THIS is what depresses me.

  • Yes I have. I'm just not into having any kind of relationship. But ironically, I do want a baby before I'm too "old."