Should I end things with this guy?

A few days ago I met this guy through my friend. At first things were great and we got along well. Then at the movies he just kissed me! It was my first kiss, so I was very shocked. After that he'd continue to try kissing me and even would after I'd say no. After we left we kept texting and things were good, but he kept bringing up hanging out and spending time alone with me.. Now yesterday which was the second day we hung out... It was Canada Day so we went to see the fireworks. Again he kept trying to get me alone just to hook up with me! I already was uncomfortable and my family was in the area & I didn't want them to see me with him. So I told him to stop touching my butt and kissing me, which he did not do. He then got somewhat irritated because I said no which made me feel terrible even though I didn't do anything wrong. So I told him all of this and his response was "well the other 2 or 3 girls didn't mind" & "idc that's your decision, I'm fine with it" I replied with an aight and he then said night telling me he'd text me tmr. Shouldn't he feel sorry for pressuring me into doing things I don't want to & making me feel bad for it? What should I do? I'm tired of this and it seems like he won't change. I just want to take things slower because when we just talk things are great and he's easy to talk too. Should I just end things now? Do you think he feels sorry? What should I do?

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  • Seems like a douche just wanting some action. If you're not down for that, end it now.


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