Does the guy you like need to have friends around him?

Ok, does the guy you like, girls, need to be sociable and have friends around him? How about if he, this fella, has friends but not all the time, because you know life can drive people apart and it can be hard to find a social life in this time, so he's no liner by any means, just he's friends aren't around all the time, but from time to time there there. What do you think?


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  • If they're good people in general - not pretentious jack***es, or rude, then yes, it always helps to have ad least one or two friends sometimes around you - to be seen that you're not always on your own. People assume there's something wrong with you if you are always alone, and people tend to stay away from ones like that...

    • Yeah I was wondering if girls like those guys who are a bit alone sometimes but not all the time, this alone thing is common and I ask this because a dating expert on YouTube said that girls like guys who are sociable and have people around him like his friends, and girls tend to go for this types, sociable types.

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    • it says its too soon! lol

    • Haha it's okay. ^-^

  • it doesn't really matter. most people won't care these days

    • You mean girls don't care if their guy does not have his friends around all the time?

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