I've been talking to someone over facebook, who lives in another state, whom I've never met, & am seriously starting to like them! What the do I do?

The more I chat to them (everyday) the stronger these stupid feelings are getting. I've got them on snapchat, Facebook everything. We constantly talk and get along, yet they live in another state. Do I keep talking, and try to somehow pursue this? is this real? or am I just being a complete idiot who should stop talking to them because realistically speaking it probably couldn't work.


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  • Use Skype to talk for real and see his face too


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  • I think LDR's aren't good in the long run if you don't have an active plan to meet up regularly.

    • Yeah, it'd definitely be hard. I'd either have to eventually move there or she'd have to move here, and I'm not sure i could see that happening.

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    • I could. More along the lines of I don't like anyone local haha. Everyone's been with each other around here.

    • I hear ya. Time to move to a bigger town.

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  • Let me ask you, what is your definition of your 'likeness' to him/them?
    1. Guarantee first if your feeling is right. You have to ask it over and over again if your feelings is real. I mean, real-feelings-something-sparkly-etc.
    2. And remember, it's Facebook. You can't guarantee if he's real to you or not. Or he's playing with you all along because he;s bored.
    3. And ask yourself if you can handle such long distance relationship.

    • We just seem to get along really well. Both have similar interests. Oh, and it's a she. I'm bi, haha. Sorry, should have added that. It seems pretty real. I know most people would advise against something like this, but she is real. She snapchat's me everyday, and calls me etc. We genuinely get along and talk early hours of the morning most nights. We've talked about the fact that we don't really live that far away, it's like an hour/hour and a half flight between us. But yeah, I would never just fly over to see that person if I wasn't completely sure, but I don't know how I will ever be? I couldn't handle a long distance relationship I don't think no. But I just can't stop talking to her, its all I want to do. I really just want to see her and talk in person and that, but I don't know how that could even happen. It's so confusing. She's great, and if she lived in the same state as me I'd try and organize a catch up in a heartbeat, but as she doesn't I don't know what I can really do.

    • Oh. I did not expect you're a bi. :D It's so okay if you talk to her like both of you used to. But as seeing her and intending to have the more than friends feeling and commitment, you have to balance things out: if both of you can handle such distance :) And follow what you want because that makes you happy.

    • Alright, thank you so much 😊👌 x

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