HELP! Tips to start dating again after two years after a relationship where I was engaged?

I need them cuddles and kisses ya know. I would consider myself as a attractive person. I have bipolar disorder and depression and occasional anxiety attacks so I need someone to be able to handle that and help me cheer up when I'm down. I also have a daughter so they'll need to be good with her too.

It seems like its really hard to find someone who would accept all these responsibilities into their life, but mind you I didn't really look after my last relationship. Please help me with some tips to find the right person for me and how to flirt with them talk to them. Idk, I've been anti-social for two years


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  • Work on bettering yourself and managing your issues as much as possible, first. Get into activities that get you around single women.

    • My issues are under control for the most part, but things do go wrong and there are only so many things that medication can control. Between working and taking care if my family the only time I have is the couple hours I go out for a run or swim/surf

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    • Probably, I've never been interested in going to any group thing, I'd rather waste my time actually taking care of my daughter rather than learning how to cope with being a single parents, I've been doing it for almost 4 years so

    • I'm just saying, you're selling yourself as a romantic partner. Just like if you're selling photocopiers, your time is best spent going places where people use photocopiers, not on fishing boats. You have to put yourself where the women are.. and single moms will understand and have similar challenges.

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