Does he feel like he has to talk to me? trying to be nice?

so i feel talking to this guy is very difficult for me anyways because he just won't help carry on the conversations it feels like i am the one doing most of the asking and he answers and or asks the same thing back, rarely will he ask me anything. then when the topic of our weekend plans comes up he asks who im going with to whatever/wherever i mention i am going to go to, even though he only knows one of my friends. our conversations turn awkward quickly when i run out of things to say and it becomes quiet and he starts playing with his phone. there are times he avoids me too and its so obvious, i ignore it. we do run into eachother a lot so sometimes i wonder if he thinks im following him or something. then there are times when we make eye contact and he will smile and wave like i do to him sometimes, or he will come and sit with me on the bus or something, but again short awkward conversations, but these surprisingly good days he seems to open up a bit more but its like the next day he gets cold again - does he feel obligated to talk to me because i say hi alot? i thought he was a shy or nervous person but he's not like this with other people (guys and girls) - I've seen their interactions he seems more himself, and he's pretty popular and funny or so I've heard but from the attitude i get its hard to see that side, not to mention he has a dirty side also something i haven't seen, so whats his problem, is he just trying to be nice by saying hi but ignores me because he doesn't like me?


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  • Now how to make him intrested in you is the real question..


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