What should I do? I've been dating my boyfriend for just a few weeks over a month and he still hasn't kissed me?

I've been dating my boyfriend fo just a few weeks over a month but he still hasn't kissed me. Should I be worried? If I hug him he's fine with i but we've never kissed before and I really want to. He's kinda shy and I'm trying to help him be less shy. How do I let him know that I want to kiss him? Thanks and by the way I'm 13.


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  • He's probably nervous as heck! At 13 kissing is about as far as it should go. ( I know you didn't ask, but 13 is quite young to dating in my opinion ) Give him time, rushing the first kiss can be awkward. You could always lean over and kiss him on the cheek to let give him some confidence that he should go for a real kiss.

    • I had my first kiss at 13. Yes, it is young. But, it's okay if he's age-appropriate (sounds like he is). I would be disturbed if she said her boyfriend was 30... I'd advise her to call the cops.

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    • Hey, this is what the Comment feature is for. No need to get frisky.

    • What the? My comment was sincere in every way. Not sure what the fuss is about :/

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  • How old is he? Anyways, he is most likely oblivious to the fact that you would like to be kissed. You should either signal it, tell him or go for it.


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  • Talking about things makes them easier. You should let him know sometime that you would be okay with him kissing you. It's still up to him to make the move, but you've opened the door so he won't be too scared.

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