Does he want to kiss me? guys and girls please?

so iv never kissed anyone. but last week i got my first SERIOUS relationship, and i know its serious because of the way he acts. he's really touchy but in the sweet way, he's always complementing me, always finding a way to get closer to me, and just being the best boyfriend ever!! and he keeps looking... no staring at my lips, and im wondering if that means that he wants to kiss me. i really want to kiss him but since he's a shy guy, he might me scared to. but i want to somehow let him know that i want to kiss him but not by kissing him or telling him directly.

please help me. and by the way im 14


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  • Holy shot.! Give him a hint like do the whole getting near thing ,, u know all that he will take is to get a sing it love (or whatever) dem u n he will bump into it like a hungry lion.. hehehe
    Just tell him you like him n around her you feel safe, u too'll have to get touchy..
    My jumbo trick.. look at him straight in his eyes for 4-5 sec n then feel him inside ur mouth.. it works trust me..(if u have stared4-5sec then lean a little bit forward)

    • thats a good idea, thanks.

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  • its better to kiss him

    • but id rather him take lead if u know what i mean...

    • hmmmmm yep... you want him to be the one in control uh? lol

    • ummm yeah... wouldent u? and i dont mean in that way. lol.
      i just mean that i wouldent want to make the first move, id rather him do it