He was talking to another girl while taking to me. Should I be concerned?

So I have been talking to this guy for a month almost. And I know we are not dating and he has the right to explore other options. BUT I honestly didn't think he was talking to another girl back home (we he grew up) at the same time. He told me he was during a where is this relationship going talk and after the talk we decided that we were going to be a couple (official boyfriend and girlfriend). I asked if he was ok with ending that attachment and he said yes he will just not text her back and she will catch on... so my question is, do guys really just give it up that easily? I'm a little nervous because he goes back home every week to visit his family. And I don't want to be on edge thinking he is seeing her. Of course I will put trust in Him until proven other wise. But guys would you be faithful knowing you have a girl to fuck in another state with no way of the girlfriend knowing?


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  • Yes he was talking to another girl when you two were NOT an official couple yet.

    But now that you ARE a couple... you're going to have to trust him.

    Nowadays almost EVERYONE dates several people at once until they are official with someone.


    What about this guy makes u think that he is a player?

    • He's just very strange in how he has any form of relationships. He actually has a categorized system of placing girls from no, bootycall, maybe and yes. He hasn't been in a relationship in 3 years and he has had a good number of bootycalls. I understand that we were not dating and that doesn't bother me. It's the idea of her being over there and not knowing if most men would do that. But I know I need to put my trust in Him because he deserves that. It's just been said in passing a few times that I shouldn't put anything past him when it comes to sex. But overall he is a great guy, to me anyway.

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