Girls would you consider me attracting?

An honest answer will be appreciated along with a rate from 1-10 based off my profile picture, also how old do I look even though I'm 18


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  • You've asked this before. Why do you think you keep asking the internet? Also, asking for a 1-10 ranking is pretty specific. You don't need to worry about your looks, you look put-together, which is a big +

  • Dude, if you have asked this question before, maybe you are worrying about this too much. I will not number rate you, but I will give you some tips:

    1. Take care of yourself. Wash your face, comb your hair, brush your teeth, etc. These things are so underestimated by so many people. Also, a nice, clean haircut is always attractive. I would suggest taking a little more off the sides and a little less off the top. (Just my advice.) Extra points for A FEW spritzes of some nice smelling cologne.

    2. Stand up straight. This will make you feel more confident. It will also make you appear more confident and confidence is SEXY. It is. Dude, if you are confident, people will tend to notice only your attractive features. It is true.

    3. Dress nice. Anything that looks a little sloppy will make you look sloppy. Do you remember that thing that guys did where they sagged their pants down so that everyone could see their boxers? *shudder* Girls DO. NOT. like that. They don't. Or really anything like it. Some will overlook sloppiness, but personally, I would not. When I see a sloppily dressed guy, I immediately think: "he is a sloppy guy."

    Now a lot of guys will argue that doing this stuff is just "not them." They are just being lazy. It's like saying, "It isn't like me to present myself as a clean individual who is confident about myself and cares about things."


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