Why do I tend to get attracted to a bad guy all the times?

Hi guys, well I am struck in a rut for a few years and desperately want to get out it.
Well not going by what I think of myself, but what people around me tell me about myself is that I am kind hearted, loving and a beautiful person inside.
The problem is I get attracted to, and attract the exact opposite nature guys. They are rude, rough, selfish list can go on.
The thing is I have been in two relationships till now both of them with 'BAD GUYS'. My ex was pretty serious with me, he wanted to marry me. And so is my current bf.
The thing is yes they do love me and care but really are not the type of people I would risk marrying because they are just self centered. All they do is to think about what they want. Yes I do love my current bf a lot and wish to marry him. But on certain days like today, I just end up questioning myself WHY?
They aren't worth the pain I take. Believe me I do take a lot of pain put in a lot of effort to keep them happy and make things work out. But just WHY? Everyone tells me you are wasting your time with them and I don't care till days like today when I start questioning myself.
I have this friend of mine since middle school he loves me a lot he is in all a nice guy, a guy any girl would wanna marry. He has waited all his life technically to be with me. I did gave it a chance but there was no spark. No attraction, even though he was my crush at some point of time in my life. But really when I was with him, there was nothing I could give him no love no affection. I told him it really can't work btwn us, we are still friends. I know he still feels for me strongly, but I just can't.
What is the problem with me? Why can't I like a guy who is perfect in all ways and love me more than I love myself, and love the other type of guys.
I really can't even explain what I am feeling right now, I love my bf from the very core of my heart but I also know that he is just not right for me. I mean he is just exactly the opposite.


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  • 2 of the most effective traits in men that is naturally attractive to women is...1) confidence...& 2 ) initiative... being a bullheaded / stubborn and quick to react badboy still requires self confidence... even if its a false self image... which interestingly in order to cheat on your woman and get away with it also requires confidence & initiative... hahaha... NO man that lacks confidence is gonna pick up women other than his own...


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  • it´s hard to find the perfect partner. i think there isn't even the "perfect" partner it´s just about what tradeoffs you can life with.
    i think we "learn" to look for the type of guy or type of relationship, we had first, because thats what we know. maybe try some guy, that would normally not be that appealing to you?


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