Is he using me, does he like me? please help?

I've been hanging out/hu w this guy n we almost had sex a week ago and have been trying to hangout most nights, but i just dont know what to think of all of this. 2 nights ago he texts me this convo below at 2:55 in the morning (kinda makes me feel like shit but can't tell if i'm just overreacting?) he always only texts me at night.. sometimes like 10:30 or other times 1:00 am. were 18 so it's summer for us rn. pls read the convo and tell me what you think! IS HE using me to have sex? If we hangout and do have sex, do you think he'll stop talking to me after since he finally got it in? Am i his booty call, are we friends w benefits, are we hooking up? does he like me? I srsly need a guy's opinion... please help !!!
***also: im a virgin (besides how we almost had sex before & he knows i am
Him: "hey
can we actually actually hangout" Me: "Yeah we can if it ever happens" Him: "what are you doing" Me: "i'm at home, you?" Him: "I'm painting
but i'll be back in the area soon" Me: "haha. you're painting. Okay what are you painting
When" Him: "like an hour" Me: "Where are you even at?" Him: "just left actually
I was in ______" (a city near us) Me: "where are you headed" Him: "______" (city we live in) Me:"your house?" Him: "no _____ (his friend)
its by my house" Me: "Ohh okay" Him: "so do you want to chill" Me: "where" Him: "you can come here" Me: "Who is there?" Him: "(he says a name of some friend
I have liq" Me: "Let me see if ill be able to leave" HIm: "ok"
(then i didn't answer for 10 mins n he double texts saying): "you should comeeee" Me: "Why can't you just ask me at a normal time" Him: "idk"
(had noclue what 2 say so i answered 30 min later) : Me: "Okay well i can't now, we'll hangout tomorrow or something"
No response. This was 2 nights ago and he didn't hit me up last night. I really want to see him tonigt or soon and i do wanna have sex but i dont want to get used. HELP! Do i text him 2nite? what would i say?

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  • I don't think he wants a relationship or he'd text and try to hang out earlier in the day. Don't give up your virginity this way


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  • Dont text this boy, just wants sex.. Move on, im serious.


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  • He wants what's in between the leg. Find someone else and don't bother with him.

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