Is it wrong for me to want the guy I've been seeing to meet my parents & friends?

I have been seeing this amazing guy now for two months. I still remember the first time I saw him, and it was a connection right away. He is different than any other guy I have dated, so I don't know how to go about things. I mean we are not official or anything, we are just seeing each other and see how it goes. I never had a thing go this slow before. I mean the previous guys would ask a month later if i could be there girlfriend. But anyway I can't get enough of this guy, im falling for him fast.

I met pretty much all his close friends and even his parents. It's all been going good, we are getting closer and closer to each other each time we are together. But sometimes I feel like he doesn't want to meet my family and my friends. But also sometimes he would ask about my brother and to see if they would get along, and if my parents would like him. But when I would invite him to join me and my friends or even swing by my place for a party he would come up with a lame excuse. Even if it is after he gets outta work.

Is that a red flag? Or should I give it some more time? Me and him had a conversation about commitment because I felt like he was playing with me and just wasting my time. He told me he wasn't and that he's really into me and is only seeing me. But if he cared about me, wouldn't he want to meet my parents?


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  • That's a tough situation. Two months for me would denote some sort of exclusivity. Perhaps its time to ask him straight up "what is this, are we together or no?" The only other thing I can think off is if you guys are sexually active. If so, that opens up another can of worms, in which the possibility of him using you comes up. My non-expert advice is to ask him the tough questions. Demand what you want out of him. If this means something to him then he'll commit. If not he'll walk and you'll be better off.


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  • It's a red flag BUT he could be shy. Ask him if he is scared to meet them.

    • Yeah he is a little shy. He just recently met my cousin, and he said if he wasn't busy he would come with me to my parents camp site, so I'm hoping it will finally happen.

    • Ooh that's great! I hope it goes well! Tell me if it goes well!!

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