Should I give a little and take back a little?

So i basically suck suck at dating. I always manage to screw things up, picking the wrong guys, being needy and paranoid.
I've met a new guy who i think is sweet and fun so i dont want to mess it up.

Basically i was the one who contacted him and he liked it, and he said i was pretty etc and we talked alot, and he asked me out on Monday and we went for a nice walk in the park.
I began getting more interested in him after our walk, so i asked him if he wanted to maybe hang out again some time?
He replied with "sure thing! ill let you know if i have time inbetween my trips, he went to the mountain yesterday, and is going out of town this weekend, so he said he would let me know if he had time inbetween.

So im all like ok I've done my part , I've shown interest so now its time for me to wait and see if he does contact me right?

Or am i allowed to be contacting him when he is away or is that a NOOO NOOO, because i show that i might be desperate and dont have a life?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If your interested its fine to contact him just don't do it to frequently. Things should be very fluid and happen on there own so don't over think things just let them happen. If you want to contact him do it if not then don't it in your hands.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't connect with him too much but do contact him a little. Like twice or three times a week.

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