Is it fair for me to require time to think on my own?

Simply put my girlfriend and I have been apart for about two months now and the distance is starting to take its toll. She has a lot going on in her life right now and I have been doing my best to be there for her.

The only thing is, we haven't really been dating that long so my perspective is that we are still trying to figure each other out on top of having to deal with a number of external problems. This means to me that us arguing makes sense because we still do not know each other that well, plus having to deal with this temporary long distance relationship is becoming quite stressful.

I am more of an Introvert and at times I really do need a day to myself. At this point with all this negativity going on I especially need a day to myself. (which is not anything new because I've always done this throughout my life from time to time).

Now though I need to do this because all the negativity is literally driving me bonkers. So I've told her I need a day to just calm down about everything and just relax rather than constantly talking about everything. She does not really get this and thinks this time for me to think will mean that I'm going to break up with her.

So is it wrong for me to take a day to think for myself, despite it being something I really do need to do?


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