My bf is going out with his female coworker... should I be worried?

My bf of 4 months has been always sincere and honest with me. But he likes getting attention and sometimes that worries me...

He always says he will never do anything to hurt me and he has never done it before. We always spend time together every weekend and things has been great.

In this morning he called me and told me that his female coworker wants to go out and drink with him next weekend because she has been lonely and sad after her husband went on diployment.
He said she asked him to go out because he is obviously a safe guy who will never try to do anything with her.

He didn't tell me this woman's name but I do not know many of his coworkers so I don't know who she is at all.
He said I can come too if I want to but he knows that I can't go out on the night because I have my work.

Should I be worried?


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  • you said he has never done anything to hurt you before and if you trust him dont worry about it that much but he likes getting attention just give him some or something dont know what else to really tell you


What Girls Said 1

  • I would just trust him and see what happens. if it becomes an ongoing thing, then I would be worried

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