My boyfriend and I are talking less, why?

I've been dating to this guy for about 3 months now but we've been talking for little over a year. Recently I feel like we have nothing to talk about. Our everyday conversations lately are like "hi how are" "I love you" then we dont really know what to say. But when I bring up if he's lost interest or wants to break up, he kind of freaks out and tells me that he wants to be with me and such. Why are we talking less? Is there another girl?


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  • I believe Truly that if he wanted to be with 'Another girl,' he would be giving you More signs that would Raise a Red flag, and it would be More than-----Nothing to talk about. I think you would really know it if he had someone else on the side. I am not seeing this.
    Keeping the lines of Convo wide open is always one of the most important things in any new or old relationship. You've 'Been talking for little over a year,' and somehow it has brought you to this level of Dating. So just start initiating some talk of your own like: "How was your day? " Just start asking him questions on things that Might interest him. Just talking even about 'nothing' beats talking to your hand, to sort of speak.
    And it seems he is contented with the relationship you're in at the moments has no complaints. However, I do think when you both reach a level where it's time to Reach the 'Next level,' there will probably be More to talk about Then.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You guys fell into a "routine".
    You have already talked about everything and nothing much happens on your everyday for you to talk about, it's completely normal.
    He freaks out because guys tend to not care as much about that stuff; I hardly think there's another girl.
    Try doing something different, going on a nice romantic dinner, or even doing an activity together. Even you finding a hobbie to yourself should make things better, you wouldn't be so worried and would have something to talk about ! (:

  • I personally would not worry about this. Sometimes this happens and just be content spending time with eachother or perhaps you are spending too much time together.

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