What's up with this guy? He's driving me crazy?

He's 31 and I'm 23. We've been talking for 4 months an going out for 2 months, we are friends, and we both stated we weren't looking for a relationship since the begining. We like each other, we have chemistry, and everything we haven't had sex. LONG STORY SHORT: Last week I told him I respected his decision, but I needed my space before I fell more in love. And he said "I really understand you. Ok, I'll respect you, I don't want to cause any inconvenience, I send you a kiss and wish you well" So 3 days after I just couldn't handle it because I missed him so much, so I told him, and we kept talking and later that night he videocalled me before he went to sleep (this was on sunday). Monday he whatsapped me and we talked for a while. Tuesday I didn't heard anything from him, he like disappeared, today I didn't heard from him either, until he called me at 4:00pm, but I didn't answer him because of my pride, so at 8:30 I sent him a whatsapp asking him what's up and that if he had called me? and his answer was "nothing, just wanted to say hi", so I said "Oh ok, how are you?" and he answered "good you?" and I said "me too, thanks" and that was it, I later sent him a whatsapp asking him why is he like that? and if that he was ok? and he saw it and left me on seen.

Why was he very cold and unfriendly on his responses? What's up with him? He got mad I didn't answer his call? I mean he disappeared on me, why that attitude?


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  • Maybe he has gut feeling that you had avoided him.