To DTR or not to DTR? That is the question?

I'm 21 and he is 26, we've been dating for just under 4 months but he was out of the country for 6. We declared that we are exclusive very early on and have told each other that we like one another (ugh sounds like I'm in high school again) but notice else has happened. He still calls me his friend and rarely holds my hand when out other than if we've been drinking (then he is very affectionate and just plain adorably sweet). He's never been with someone longer than 6 months and has never been in love but is not closed off to the idea of either, so should I have the talk with him or should I wait till he does? Is so how?

***6 weeks


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  • Well it seems that he's shy about his affections for you until he gets some alcohol in his system, this could be a problem. A guy should be consistent with his affection and not change just because he's under the influence. So try to find out whats going on with this.

    And what "talk" were you debating about giving him? The love "talk"?

    • The "am I your girlfriend" talk

    • I wouldn't ask him that. He might panic or feel like you're threatening him. Now what you might want to do is deal with things from YOUR prospective, for example, "I really like you and I want to take things to the next level". If you want to be official, make it about you so he doesn't feel pressured.

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