My boyfriend is trying to make me jealous?

My boyfriend can be mean sometimes. Whenever I try to be sweet he totally ruins the attempt by saying 'k' or 'ok'. It really annoys me, even to the point where I tried to ban those words. :) Anyway I've thought of breaking up with him A LOT. Which probably should be my first clue. I've confronted him before and he always apologizes but it just keeps happening. What really pisses me off is when he tries to mention other girls. He is apparently 'best buddies' with who is his second choice. He's flat out told me he's talking to other girls to the point where he puts 'she' in the middle of a sentence where it doesn't even make sense! The other day he came back from a family reunion and told me it was raining where I was at the beach with a girl. That's all he said. Then I got all mad and was like "How do you live with yourself. Do you even know what a relationship is? (where he said no)" It makes me sooooo mad. The girl turned out to be his cousin but really? REALLY? Did he have to tell me at ALL if it was just his freaking cousin? UUUUGGGHHHH. After that spat we kindof made up but its just back to him saying 'k' and 'ok'. Should I just dump this jerk?

He always tells me 'luv u' and I always avoid saying it back to him. Just by his words it sounds like he's hanging out with other people more and copying their attitudes. I'm just so unhappy. I want to dump him but with his constant luv u's it's


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  • He doesn't treat you right. Dump him. He's taking you for granted.

    • Is it normal to feel like i might regret dumping him even if i dont like him. O. o I just keep putting it off because I try to fix it but I've never been completely in love with him...

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    • I think it's normal. But I think you should take the leap and go for it. I've been with a guy like that he would completely infuriate me but then make up with I love you and I would forgive him but still be secretly annoyed. You need to get that stress out of your life. And since ur under 18 I'm guessing so is he so you'll have plenty of time to find a guy who is mature and can treat you right. Maybe ur scared to dump him cuz you don't know if there will be someone after him? But I'm 100% sure there will, and since ur not really in love with him I think it'll be easy. But I don't know you so or the situation I can't really make assumptions.

    • Thanks that pretty much sums it up lol.

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