Guy asks out for a drink but doesn't reply with time and cancels twice for two future events?

I like this guy and he asks me out for a drink through text and I say "yes, just give me a time" but doesn't reply till the late evening with a message that isn't regarding the drink. This was after I asked if he wanted to go to a park event (in a group) where he said he would be somewhere else. I go to the event and see him there and have a super short conversation because my friends were in a rush to get somewhere. The next day, I ask if he wants to go with me (and one other person) to a museum exhibit on another day and says he is busy that day.
I'm so confused! What is this supposed to mean? Is he playing a game or is he just not interested?


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  • Well the first time he asked you out, you told him you needed time. So you weren't able to follow through with the plans he made. The second time you asked him to hang out, but when he finally gets to see you, you're attention and time is taken up by your friends. Once again you weren't able to follow through. The third time you ask him to hang out again, but you invite someone else to go along with you guys.

    This guy asked you out cause he was interested and he liked you, but for some reason (whatever reason that may be) you seem to be having a hard time giving him your divided attention and time. He's probably discouraged from trying to make things work with you because something or someone else is always in the way. He wants you alone with no distractions.

    If you're still interested in him, ask him out to a dinner or lunch or some kind of date ALONE, and this time make sure nothing or no one gets in the way of spending time with him :) I hope this helps.

    • Okay. I got it. I hear most people like to have group hangouts before being alone so that was the path I took. Thanks!

    • Thats very true!
      you're welcome, I hope things work out.

    • totally MH. this looks like you are pushing away but if you don't intend to try harder getting him

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