What does it mean if he said this?

Me and my boyfriend of 9 months were at a party havin beers and what not. I got a little tipsy but still knew what was going on ya know? Well anyways he said "wanna go upstairs?"
It makes me mad because he probably thought i didn't know what was going on so i felt like he was taking advantage
we haven't had sex yet
were 18


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  • Tell him that last night when he asked if you wanted to go upstairs, that it made you feel uncomfortable because you were under the influence.

    Make sure you emphasize that this is how YOU personally feel and that you're not ACCUSING him of anything.


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  • "want to go upstairs" always means go to bed, make out or sex.

  • He probably wanted to ask you anyway and just lost his inhibitions when he was drunk.

  • he is your boyfriend, you are his girlfriend, having sex is normal and legal for 18 year olds in a relationship.


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  • If he's your boyfriend you should trust that he won't take advantage of you.
    Sure, sex would have been nice but if you firmly said you didn't want to.
    I am sure you could have did other things such as cuddling and kissing.
    He just wanted to be alone with you.

    • Also, you stated he drank too. He was under the influence as well and felt more comfortable to ask you that.
      It's not like he was sober and you were drunk being pressured.

    • true!

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