I feel so boring compared to him?

Guy i dated didn't want anything serious because he is always so busy and didn't have the time. He got out of a 6 years long relationship and his ex is pregnant and dating someoneone else.
Well he is really busy he is like a jetman traveling here and there, he was a leader for a political organisation and traveled a lot and now he is going on a five week travel in asia, with friends and it kinda makes me mad maybe im jealous? i want to have a fun life..

At the same time I love how he is busy all the time because he shows that he didn't lie o


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  • He's so busy he doesn't have time (allegedly) for a serious relationship, dated a girl for 6 years who's carrying his baby (if I understood correctly) and yet is already dating another guy... sounds like a dream.
    And btw, for all it's worth he was dating you !

    • No no his ex is pregnant with another guy. him and I aren't dating because he doesn't have time for anything serious at the moment. We remained friends

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  • What you could do is be his save harbour, you know, the quite comforting place he can come back to to relax.


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  • Its very common for someone to feel inadequate when their significant other or person of interests seems to be doing so much more.

    • Ya :/

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    • I did, like i got a new job in june, i have vacation and get back to work on tuesday, and in September ill be going to spain, inbetween i have to work cause im new. Today im now gonna go get a bikini wax.. yay..

    • wow! looks like you schedule is full, nice job!

  • You do not have to travel like him , or attend event as much as him. But you can create your own area. Even a little thing can be funnier comparing to big event. It just depends how you live your life and what makes you satisfied.