How to tell if he is genuinely interested or faking interest for a hidden agenda?

how to tell if you are being played (other than the obvious). When dating a guy at the beginning how can you determine the difference between a very smooth person playing you or a person genuinely wanting to develop a sincere connection with you?


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  • I have same problem with a guy ;(. think if he talks to you, comes to you, goes of his way to talk to you.. notice little things pays attention to what you say... etc. he is interested!

    • Players do that in the short term, as well. It's how they trick many women into believing that they have strong interest or feelings for the them. Once the women let their guard down and give in to intimacy, players, by their subsequent actions, often reveal their identity and intent. Thus, patience and taking your time with a guy is, in my observation, a very effective route to take.

    • yes.. they just being friendly by sending mix signals where in reality they are not interested!.. you will only spot them when it happens i am afraid.. men are so full of shit that they lie to us all the time!.. yes, don't rush.. take it easy.. observe him.. you will eventually fill if he is being true or playing!

    • yes but someone can still pay attention to you and talk to you a lot etc if they are playing you. in fact they are more likely to do those things if they are playing you!