Blocked on insta and fb for such reason?

well, my boyfriend and I just got back after a two months break up, he re-invited me on fb and Instagram, today i woke up to find him blocked me on fb and insta saying he doesn't want me on his accounts yet we're a couple and nothing changes between us. i asked for the reason he says ur being a friend with my people which is wrong i only talked to two of his cousins in front of him , and nothing from his back. Whats the point of a relationship when you're blocked and you can't see anything he's doing?
plus three of his friends sent me msgs on fb wanting to get to know me but i said no and told him that as well.

what should i do since I'm meeting him today?

i don't know if its jealousy or what


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  • You two broke up for a reason. If you want to give him the benefit of the doubt and learn to trust each other then let it go and show him you are respecting his privacy.

    Although to play devils advocate here, I was engaged to this one person (before social media lol Yes I am old) and I found this picture of this girl I went to school with in his wallet. He did not meet her through me and I asked him about it he deflected. I got in contact with the girl and found out they had been talking and calling each other a lot and she never knew we were engaged muchless living together. Her and I both went to his work (he worked night shift at a convenience store) and confronted him. He was extremely upset with me. Started saying why is it he can't have friends without me and now that her and I were talking he can't talk to her anymore. I simply explained to him if he is not able to be friends with her still even though he just got done saying he wasn't trying to cheat on me then it shouldn't matter if I am friends with her or not. He just got really upset over all of it.

    So it basically comes down to you either trust him and take things slow since you just got back together or you believe he is trying to hide something from you and when you see him you simply explain that maybe the getting back together thing was a mistake since clearly you and he do not really trust each other yet.


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  • i don't think this sounds like a healthy relationship. it sounds like he is either jealous and insecure of you potentially talking to his friends (which is absurd) or he is trying to hide something from you

    • i feel like he's hiding something but he knows i can make any fake account and just see whatever.. i'm really pissed and i feel like meeting him today means ending it i can't accept his actions but how should i end it in a way to get him to realize how bad he is?

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  • How old are you guys? He sounds about 15 to me. I mean, how does it make sense for you to be in a relationship but him not wanting you on his friend list.. something isn't right here.

    • thats what i felt, he's 24 and i'm 20 but seriously i'm so pissed i can't think of anything better than leaving him but then i know i will be hurt and won't just let it go

  • How did you get back together?