How to know that a girl who is my gud frend.. like me or not?

i am talking with a girl from so many days but i dont know that she likes me or not, i like her very much. but i can't say it to her


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  • you don't have to tell her that you like her already. why don't you suggest going on a date?

    • ya but she consider me as frend.. if i will say about it.. she can break the frendship. but she takes intrest while talking with me. i dont know she likes me or not

    • you're not going to know unless you initiate a date or something.

    • well its not so easy.. she is a very simple & shy girl

  • Hey maybe ask her.. hint jokingly and see what she says... look for signs.. there is certain things she will do or write in text to show she likes you..


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