Okay so there's this guy! it's kinda complicated!?

so there's a guy not just a guy he's my best guy friend! we have been friends for years! our family's are really close. and we have been talking on and off for a year! and I love him! and he said he still loves me. but the problem he is a big flirt! and flirts with a lot of girls not trying to be serious. so I told him it would work now he is talking to another girl. but i really want him back! there is a teen dance we always go to, and we slow dance together like really close! his hand will get lower down my back and everything. I want to kiss him on the cheek at this next dance to insure him I still like him.
should I kiss him on the cheek during the slow dance?

need help fast!


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  • Good to experiment and learn from it - each guy is different


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  • you could, but he's a player, those things he has done while you two danced, really means nothing... He likes to flirt and I think he sees you as a friend. You can kiss him, no big deal, but be carefull..

  • Kiss him on the lips!

    • do you think I could get him back?

    • You can try

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