Girls.. guys can a guy with a gf like and want different girl?

OK this started 2 month ago. guy noticed me and started looking and staring. Say hi, smiling etc. I don't know if he has a gf or not ( maybe I should ask?) But he shows signs of interest and attraction..
Now, when i talk to him he is not talkative at all. He does reply, but doesn' t ask much questions back etc. guys you think its rude when you ask his name and he doesn' t ask your back?

So am confused.. whether he is indicisive, because has someone and attracted to me and realizes he is tied? Or single and a player that keeping his option open by just flirting with me and staring... I started just slightly ignore him as getting tired of him being slow..

  • will you flirt having bf/ gf
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  • think it's waste of time as it not gonna lead any where
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  • ask guy to be clear if he has a gf first
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  • If I don't ask back it is because I don't want to mess things up by saying something stupid. I can totally talk to a girl I have zero interest in, but if I find her attractive I over think things and almost freeze.

    Tip: If you want to be with him, ask him if he has a girlfriend, guys usually take this as a sign that she is interested, which is not obvious to us.

    • What if he lies... and says no?

    • The world is sadly not paradise, so it is possible that people lie to you. But you can either choose to trust that people will tell you the truth or hide in a cloister for the rest of your life not trusting anyone, because they might lie to you. The choice is yours.

      I have this rule, if someone lies to me once, we are done. If someone lies about something little to me, they might lie about something big.

      People lie usually as a result of fear, because the consequences of the truth might not be beneficial to them. You have to choose carefully whom you trust how much and what kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

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  • you could be right on all accounts. time will tell but you might not want to wait around too long. you can just be straight with him, when im talking to girls and flirting they just pop the question on me and ask if I have a GF:p you can do the same hahaha

  • Since when did being single, flirty and keeping your options open make someone a player?

    • Yes coz you have like plan a, b etc and therefore t making a move on one girl... dunno, i dont know why he would behave like it.

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    • Just ask him, you'll get your answer then.

    • I will.. coz his silliness annoys me.

What Girls Said 2

  • of course it is possible anything is, but really people aren't always happy in a relationship, or they just plain think they are entitled to something better. Of course its more classy to break up then look but that doesn't always happen.

  • He wants other options

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